Slimy Spring Galaxy is a galaxy in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2 located in World 6.


The Deep Shell Well

The player starts in a cave, there is a pipe on the left of the entrance to the slide. The pipe brings you to a room with 3 shells and nine treasure chests. Sliding down the hole brings you to a tunnel which leads to a shell with a Bill Board next to it explaining that you can spin to grab a shell. You swim through a Snoodle and mine infested cave (a small tunnel is at the bottom left leading to the Comet Medal.) You go up a tunnel with urchins sliding down it then you break a wall made of bricks and 2 Gringills are chomping up to the wall. 3 Snoodles guard the path to the Launch Star (Hidden 1-UP if you wait) which brings the player to a Boo infested galaxy. It starts with a  Paragoomba flying above a hole which leads to Boo infested waters with alot of walls with holes, there is a 1-UP that the Paragoomba is gaurding. After swimming through the Boo infested tunnel you find a treasure chest with Captain Toad inside, he will give you the Power Star.

The Chimp's Coin Challenge

This star is basically the same thing as The Deep Shell Well but The Chimp gives you a minigame with a Highshore of 10000. Defeating enemies and collecting Coins grants you points. Beat his score and you get the star. The Comet Medal is replaced with a 1-UP and the walls aren't seen in the Boo infested planet.


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