Slime is a recurring enemy in the Dragon Quest franchise, and a playable character in Mario Sports Mix and Fortune Street for the Wii console.


Slime is a bright blue blob with mouth and eyes. It seems to be made out of a very fluid substance. There also are two different variations of Slime: She-slime, which is a bright orange slime, and Metal slime, a slime presumably made out of a metallic substance.

Mario Sports Mix

In the game Slime is one of the "tricky" characters, meaning it has two rather low stats and and one much better stat. Its power stat is maxed out, however, its speed is rather low and the techniue stat is at its least. To unlock Slime, the player must play 28 matches in one of the four sports. She-slime can also be unlocked by picking Slime 20 times, Metal-slime is unlocked by picking Slime 40 times in a sport.

Fortune Street

When buying a building, the buildings color turns blue. Slime is a default character available from the start of the game and is a rather easy CPU to win against.


  • She-slime and Metal-slime play exactly like the default slime in Mario Sports Mix, although they're quite different in the Dragon Quest franchise.
  • Slime is a species, and there are many Slimes with different colors such as yellow, green and pink.

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