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Slim Bankshot, the Lonely Poolshark (こどくなしょうぶし ポール・ロング?) is one of the mini-boss portrait ghosts located in Area Three in the game Luigi's MansionLuigi doesn't need to capture Slim, but if he does, he will be rewarded with Slim Bankshot's treasure.


When Luigi first encountered Slim Bankshot, the portrait ghost was playing 3-Ball, shooting billiard balls with his cue stick. Slim hit the balls so hard they would go flying off the table and bounce around the room (causing five HP of damage if they hit Luigi). Each time they were hit, he went around the pool table once before hitting the balls again. To make Bankshot vulnerable, Luigi had to suck up one of the flying billiard balls with the Poltergust 3000. The ball would then get stuck at the end of the vacuum, allowing Luigi to shoot the ball like a projectile at Slim Bankshot. The billiard balls that Slim shoots fly around the room leaving red streaks behind them. The ball that Luigi shoots will leave a blue streak. After being hit three times, Slim would become droopy and vulnerable that Luigi could capture the ghost with his Poltergust. If Bankshot managed to break free from Luigi's hold, the spirit would return to his shooting pool. Luigi had to hit Slim with another billiard ball to make the portrait ghost vulnerable again.

When Luigi had disputed Slim's medium pull, he captured him and illuminated the Billiards Room. As soon as Bankshot's treasure chest came into presence, Luigi opened it and acquired a Silver Diamond and two Gold Bars. Luigi continued the search for Mario, now that this ghost was gone.

A black-and-white picture of a person similar in appearance to Slim Bankshot can be found on the north wall of the Billiards Room, possibly depicting him when he was alive.


  • In billiards, a bankshot is one where the player hits the cue ball against a railing before striking another ball into a pocket.
  • Occasionally, a billiard ball that Slim fires will bounce off of a wall and hit Slim while he travels around the table, effectively meaning that he hit himself. It is still advised to actively shoot the balls at him though, as that only happens rarely.
  • Slim is the only non-required ghost that has no attack since he doesn't intently aim his billiard balls at Luigi.
  • In the Courtyard, there is a statue of Slim kneeling down in a proposal-like fashion.
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