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Skolar is one of the seven stars that must be rescued in Paper Mario, being the third one to be found. He also makes an appearance in Mario Party 5.

After being rescued, he bestows the power of Star Storm, the only direct offensive ability that Mario can use in the game, which costs two star meters to use and deals 7 points of damage to each enemy in battle.


Paper Mario

In Paper Mario, Skolar lived in the Star Haven. He, like the other Star Spirits, granted wishes, until Bowser swooped into the haven and stole the Star Rod and imprisoned the Star Spirits into cards. Skolar was held by the might Tubba Bubba in the Desert near Boo Mansion.

Mario Party 5

In Mario Party 5, Skolar hosts the Super Duel Mode of this game. Skolar tells the player that they can build their machines up and battle against other players or computers.

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