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Skipdrills are drill-like creatures that can fly through the air. They inhabit the dream worlds of Dozing Sands.


Skipdrills can attack by trying to pierce the Mario brothers from the sides (dodged by jumping over their charges) or having some of their own bury themselves headfirst in the sand and slowly advance. Mario and Luigi must counter the rest with their hammers. Countering too few will result in the remaining Skipdrills impaling the Bros. from below.

A Skipdrill is a level 12 enemy that has 22 hit points, 55 attack power, 55 defense, and 53 speed and gives 7 experience, 3 coins, and maybe a Super Candy and/or Secret Box if the player is lucky enough.


Skipdrill R

This variation inhabits Somnom Woods's dream world. They have the same attacks as the original, but their body is purple and their eyes are black with cyan pupils. A Skipdrill R is of level 29 with 66 hit points, 220 power, 146 defense, and 130 speed. Defeating one nets 35 experience, six coins, and maybe a Boo Biscuit if the player is lucky enough.