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The Skellokey (a pun on "skeleton" and Pokey) is a skeleton Pokey found in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. They live Toad Town and in Star Shrine. Like other Pokeys in the game, the Skellokey starts out with one head segment but gains more body segments when they get their turn.

In a fight, a Skellokey has a few attacks. It can eat its own body segments and spit them at its enemies. It rolls toward the one it was meaning to attack before it attacks. However, if the Skellokey does a flip before spitting its segments, it spits them at the opposite brother (or baby brother). The brothers can block this attack with a Hammer. However, if the body segments are not deflected, they rejoin with the Skellokey head. Skellokeys can also spit fireballs at enemies. This projectile attack can be jumped over. A Skellokey may also launch its body segments at an attacker. The individual body segment spins towards the Baby. it wants to attack. The body segments can be jumped over.

Unlike Pokeys, Skellokeys have spikes on top of their heads instead of flowers, meaning jumps are ineffective against them. Thus, each body segment must be eliminated if the head is to be attacked.


HP - 84 (90)

POW -74 (75)

DEF - 77 (81)

Speed - 100 (102)

EXP - 100 (105)

Coins - 10 (15)


  • In Japan and Europe, all their stats have been increased making this enemy far more annoying than in the original American version. However, the experience and coins won from the battle have been increased by 5 to make up for their stat increases.