Skeleton Ghosts are enemies found throughout the game of Luigi's Mansion. They are found in three locations: Boneyard, Graveyard, and the Telephone Room. Skeleton Ghosts sometimes do not get stunned by Luigi's flashlight. After they throw a bone, they collapse shortly and rebuild again shortly.

A Skeleton Ghost called Mr. Bones eventually wakes up in the Boneyard when Luigi is chased by Spooky whom is barking. In a while, Mr. Bones wakes up being disturbed by Spooky's barking. Skeleton Ghosts appear in the Graveyard, having to be defeated to encounter the area's boss Bogmire.


  • Skeleton Ghosts are the only non-Boos or Portrait Ghosts who can talk.
  • Skeleton Ghosts have similar traits to Dry Bones who both throw bones, except for the fact that Dry Bones resembles a Koopa and Skeleton Ghosts resemble human skeletons.
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