Sir Dominoes are enemies that appear in Donkey Kong 64. They are enemies resembling walking dominoes and they can only be found in Frantic Factory.


Sir Dominoes are seen mainly just walking around. A single Sir Domino can be found in the Testing Room alongside a Kasplat and two Mr. Dices. Sir Dominoes only attack by running into a Kong. Sir Dominoes tend to run faster than Mr. Dices. Large Sir Dominoes can also be fought in the R&B Room with Chunky Kong only. However, overall, Sir Dominoes are very weak enemies and can be taken out with the simplest of attacks.


  • Sir Dominos are also used as feet for the Toy Monster.
  • It is unknown if the Sir Dominoes work for King K. Rool. However, since they are found in Frantic Factory, a level located within K. Rool's Mobile Island Fortress, it can be assumed so.