is a 1-vs-3 minigame in Super Mario Party.


A solo player is controlling a drone and the team players are standing. The solo player and team are waiting for the delivery trucks to arrive and they stand back.


The aim of the minigame is to deliver the most packages to the Spike with the truck by color. The solo player can use the drone to grab packages, but the player can carry one package at a time. The team can climb up the storey building and can grab two packages at a time. However, the team players may not grab the package before the drone since they use the stairs. Either the solo player or the team player wins if they have the most packages.


If the solo player wins, the player does his/her victory animation with the drone clapping. The team does their losing animation. If the team wins, the team does their winning animation while the solo player does his/her losing animation and the drone flops in disappointment. If it is a tie, the players do their neuter animation while the drone does nothhing.


Solo Side

  • NS Stick – Move drone
  • NS JC Left Button – Pick up/drop off package

Team Side

  • NS Stick – Move
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