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Sick and Twisted is a 4-player minigame that appears in the game Mario Party 8.


The players are seen jumping across rotating platforms and then jump onto the main square platform and then the game begins. The players must navigate through rotating platforms as obstacles while at the same time, platforms start to casually drop down to the ground. Bullet Bills can soon be seen after a few moments as enemies and must be avoided. There are three types of platforms, varying in which direction it turns, yellow is the smallest, pink is normal-sized, and blue is the largest. If the player(s) manage to make it through the obstacle course, the player(s) win the round. Also, if a player gets hit by a Bullet Bill, they automatically lose the round. This rule also applies if the player isn't fast enough and if the platforms drop on the player.


  • Wii Remote - Hold Sideways
    • +Control Pad - Move
    • Two Button - Jump


  • The name of this mini-game comes from the phrase "sick and twisted", meaning very mean or mad.