Shy Guy Squad is a Special Attack used by Bowser in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. When initiated, Bowser will have a ball of Shy Guys in his hand. Then, a row of Shy Guys will appear on both sides of Bowser, with a rope. The 6 of 12 Shy Guys will then roll and push Bowser into the rope, and the player will have to continually slide the stylus to the left. The farther Bowser is rolled, the more damage he will cause. Then, Bowser will be fired like a slingshot and hit the enemy at a great speed. This Special Move costs 8 SP and can be used after Bowser frees the Shy Guys found on Bowser Path. This move is a fast and easy way to inflict quite a lot of damage at once.

Bowser uses this move against Mario and Luigi during their second battle. Bowser X uses it as well. They must use their hammers to hit Bowser back at the Shy Guys. He won't use this attack if Bowser did not free his Shy Guy military forces.

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