Shy Guy's Perplex Express is a linear board in the game Mario Party 8. When reach the engine of the train the player can pay the Shy Guy 20 coins for a star.


On this wild board, the players must work their way to the front of a luxury train and reach the conductor to get a star for 20 coins. After passing the conductor, they will walk onto the top of the train and make their way to the back in an infinite loop. Several ? Spaces will cause Kamek to switch the order of the cars.

If one should land on the Lucky Space, that player is dropped off at Payday Waystation that rewards a star at the end of the coin-filled spaces.

In duel mode, the players have to collect 50 coins and bring it to celebrity Koopa, Holly Koopa. In the normal mode, if you land on a ? space she asks you if you want to trade a candy for some coins, usually the amount you would pay for the candy at the time.

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