Shroom Ridge is the fourth and final track of the Flower Cup in Mario Kart DS. It comes after Waluigi Pinball.

The missions 3-7 and 4-3 take place here. First has Donkey needing to do ten power slides in a lap and the other has Mario needing to finish the race before the red car.

Course Appearance

This course appears to take place on a mountain ridge with green trees in the background of the course. This area also has a lot of traffic in it. The traffic itself always appears to drive on the lefthand side of the road as Europe and notably Japan does so. In the Mirror Mode, they drive on the righthand side, as it is done in North America. Though, the traffic sometimes comes both ways, but in reversed order on both sides (left going away from the finish line and the right going to the finish line). Though, sometimes the cars drive in a random sort of direction even if not Mirror Mode.

Course Layout

When first starting the course, the player has to first go straight. Then, he/she must make a turn to go left while curving amongst the road. Then, the player must make a curve three more times while sometimes going straight onwards in the process. Then, he/she must go straight for a while avoiding traffic throughout the area. Then, the player must curve twice more until reaching a tunnel. In the tunnel, the player has to make another curve. Then, straight onwards curving, another curve while going straight. Until a final curve must be made. Then, the player has to go forward and then right while going straightly onwards until reaching the finish line. Then, these steps have to be repeated twice more.

Background Elements




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