Shroom Grocery (temporary called Shy Guy's Shop) is a location that appears in Paper Mario.


It is an Item Shop and the first major Item Shop that appears in the game. It is run by a regular Toad Shopkeeper and is located in the first area of Toad Town. During the events of Chapter 4, a Shy Guy takes over the shop not wanting to sell items to Mario. However, Mario can simply attack the Shy Guy to scare it off.


Image Item Price
Fright Jar (Paper Mario).png Fright Jar 5 coins
Sleepy Sheep (Paper Mario).png Sleepy Sheep 10 coins
POW Block.png POW Block 5 coins
FireFlowerPM.png Fire Flower 10 coins
Maple Syrup.png Maple Syrup 10 coins
Mushroom (Paper Mario).png Mushroom 5 coins