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Shroom City is the main location in Mario Party Advance. It is a large city located on an unknown island.


After the player finishes creating their passport, they are greeted by Toad. He provides the player with an overview of all of the fun activities in Party World. All of a sudden, Bowser and Koopa Kid appear, squishing Toad and scattering Gaddgets and minigames all across the city. After the two leave, Toad tells the player to gather all of the missing Gaddgets and minigames from the locals of Shroom City.

In the game, there are fifty quests the player must solve to receive a Gaddget from a citizen or a minigame from Bowser, who can only be confronted after a specific amount of quests have been completed. If done, he will open up a passage through one of the pipes, allowing the player to confront him. Once the player completes all of citizens' quests, the Pipe House will become available for the player to confront Bowser for the final time.

There a total of 319 driving spaces on the map. There are 78 green spaces, 40 red spaces, 179, yellow spaces, and 22 'M' spaces.


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