Shrooblets are small baby Shroobs found near Holli Jolli Village.


They are Shroob versions of the Goomba due to the similarities between the two enemies.


It is constantly spinning, save when right before it attacks Mario or Luigi, when it lifts one of its feet up in the air, indicating which brother it will attack. Then it will spin into the brother causing damage, unless he jumps.


Partners in Time Enemy
Shrooblet Pit HP 7 (10) POW 16 (13) Defense 18 (13) Experience 2
Location(s) Hollijolli Village Speed 11 (12) Coins 2 Item drop None - 0%
None - 0%
Level           2 Battled by           Hollijolli Village


  • Shrooblets bear a slight resemblance to Goombas.

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