Shrooba Divers are green Shroobs with white spots from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time that wear scuba masks and oxygen tanks. These Shroobs have the unique ability to "swim" in sand; their name is even a pun on "Shroob" and "scuba diver." Shrooba Divers were stationed in the Gritzy Desert during the Shroob conquest of the Mushroom Kingdom, where they would patrol the sands, looking for intruders who would spoil the invasion effort. The four Mario Bros. of past and present fought many Shrooba Divers during their efforts to liberate the Mushroom Kingdom of the past.

In battle, Shrooba Divers employed a variety of attacks and techniques to defeat their opponents. First, a Shrooba Diver could dig in the sand and pull out various objects to harm the Mario brothers with. A Shrooba Diver may pull out a Spiny Egg which the Shroob would then hurl at a Mario brother. This attack could be easily jumped over.


HP - 76

POW - 72

DEF - 50

Speed - 34

EXP - 32

Coins - 8

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