Shroob Rex is a Shroob enemy found in Shroob Castle during the events of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. They resemble the standard Rex, but their colouration matches a Shroob. Their eyes are also red.


Shroob Rexes have three attacks. Their first attack is charging forward. This can be jumped over, though if the Rex is at full height, it automatically hits. Their second attack has them ground pound, creating a shockwave upon making their impact with the ground. This can also be jumped over, though height does not matter this time. For their third and final attack attack, the monster will launch a fireball that must be blocked with the hammer defense. The direction their head tilts before the fireball launches indicates who must attack the fireball first (Up > Mario, Down > Luigi). If the Shroob Rexes do not tilt their head, the fireballs will break en route to their target, so both Mario and Luigi have to block the attack with their hammers.


  • HP - 200
  • POW - 160 (150)
  • DEF - 120 (130)
  • Speed - 62
  • EXP - 185
  • Coins - 12

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