Shriek Mansion 3-3 is the third level of Shriek Mansion in Super Princess Peach.


  • Toad 1: Slide under holes twice, jump on the grey platforms without falling, hit the ! Block and use the Joy vibe, go down the stairs and float up to the ceiling and move to the right.
  • Toad 2: Float down gently to the door on the platform, stick to the wall, get in and move to the right.
  • Toad 3: There are Blindfold Boos right behind you! Before exiting the Mansion, save the Toad.


  • Puzzle Piece: When two choices of a path, go to the right-handed path and keep going up, where you find the coins blocking the puzzle piece.
  • Winged Basket: It appears above Peach's head! You can't find a round rock to hit it with, but you can whack it with a Goomba.


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