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The Shrewd Possessor (known as Scornful Possessor in PAL regions) is the fourth boss of the game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.


Physical description

The Shrewd Possessor is a large, white ghost with two horns, with a horn on one side of each horn that branches off. He also has orange and red layers. The fifth Dark Moon is in the center of his body.

When possessing the ice, he is a large, icy face with two gray eyes and a large jaw.

Powers and abilities

The Shrewd Possessor can use a wide range of powers and abilities.

  • Possession: The Shrewd Possessor can possess and take control of objects to gain new abilities. This is used to possess a frozen ground.
  • Transmogrifcation: The Shrewd Possessor has the ability to alter the appearance of what he is possessing.
  • Cryokinesis/Glaciokinesis: The Shrewd Possessor can control and manipulate ice while he is possessing the ice.
    • Ice Shields: When possessing the ice, the Shrewd Possessor can generate ice shields to protect his face.
  • Charge: When not possessing the ice, the Shrewd Possessor can surround himself in a purple barrier to charge at Luigi.
  • Portal Creation: While charging, the Shrewd Possessor can create up to three purple, vortex-like portals to spawn in different parts of the Frozen Pit.

In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

After King Boo shattered the Dark Moon, turning all the ghosts hostile and losing their sanity. The Possessors started showing up in Evershade Valley, guarding the Dark Moon pieces. When Luigi is sent to go to the Workshop to find the Shrewd Possessor and the Dark Moon piece, the Possessor ghost can be seen harassing a Fuzzball with bombs. However, he then sees Luigi and scares him. After Luigi reactivates the generator, and is pixexlated back to the Workshop Landing, he enters the Workshop, only to be scared again by the Shrewd Possessor, and dives into the frozen ground, transforming into a icy monster, and tunnels underground. Luigi gets on a bomb sled to chase him down.

Luigi battling the Shrewd Possessor.

In the battle, Luigi must fire bombs to destroy the ice shields protecting the Shrewd Possessor's face. If he takes too long or keeps missing, the Shrewd Possessor will renew the destroyed ice shields. His bomb sled is also slowly overheating, and the player will get a instant Game Over if the meter remains red for too long and starts to smoke severely. Once all the shields are broken, the Shrewd Possessor will try to eat Luigi, so he must fire a bomb into his mouth. Once his eyes glow red, the icy monster will be destroyed. The Shrewd Possessor will charge at Luigi, and will create three portals to charge through before it rams into a wall. Luigi should react quick enough before he gets the chance to charge again or return to the ice. Luigi can take off his layer, beginning the next phase. The next phases are the same, though with the Possessor gaining an additional shield in the center and also getting progressively faster. Once he's captured, Luigi can obtain the fifth Dark Moon piece and access the final mansion, the Treacherous Mansion.


  • NTSC: "This possessor turned into a huge icy monster and tried to escape with the Dark Moon piece by tunnelling down through the Secret Mine. I thought Luigi was a goner for sure!"
  • PAL: "Assuming the form of a huge icy monster, this Possessor tunnelled down through the mine in an effort to escape with his Dark Moon piece. Luigi was lucky to survive the ordeal!"


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