The Shogun of Skewers is a boss from Yoshi's Crafted World. He resembles a Chompagobbler with a moustache and blue hat. He makes his home in the Ninjarama region, at the end of The Shogun's Castle. His status as a mini-boss prevents him from dropping a Dream Gem upon his defeat, a trait Yarrctopus and Mr. Geary also have.

The Shogun was once a Bushydo, but he died and his body was torn apart. Kamek revives him by enchanting him. Now undead, he reassembles his body, gaining golden robes and a golden handfan. During the battle, Yoshi must make his way to the Shogun's room using the lifts.Once Yoshi reaches him, the Shogun will be vulnerable. The spikes in the background may sometimes launch themselves, their assault disabling the lifts. Whenever the Shogun takes damage, he rearranges the platforms and lifts. The lifts vary in their direction. During the first phase, there is one lift. The second has two, and the final phase has 3. Once defeated, the Shogun falls, off the stage.

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