Shock, Drop or Roll is a mini-game that appears in Mario Party 2.


The characters are in a giant room that contains a giant turbine in the middle, and a switch on top of a platform. At the bottom of the turbine is a giant electrical barrier. At the start of the mini-game, three characters will appear on the turbine, and one character will be operating the switch on top of the platform. The player that is operating the lever must try to knock the three players off the giant turbine. To turn the turbine, the single player must press up or down on the joystick. This will cause the turbine to spin in different directions depending on the direction the single character pulls the lever. At the same time, the three characters on the turbine must avoid falling into the electric barrier below. In order to do this, they must run in the opposite direction the turbine is spinning. They can also jump to avoid falling into the electricity below. The single player has thirty seconds to knock all three players below. If any of the team of three characters are remaining after thirty seconds, then they will win the mini-game. If not, the mini-game goes to the single player.


Single Player

  • Control Stick (Control Stick left/Control Stick right) - Push/Pull lever

Three Players

  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Jump


  • Shock, Drop, or Roll is a pun of the fire safety slogan, "Stop, drop, and roll."