Shiverians are the inhabitants of the Snow Kingdom made of snow found in Super Mario Odyssey.


Shiverians are round, white furry creatures that loosely resemble seals. They all wear a wool cap and pants of a similar look.


Shiveria appears to be based on Russia, as they speak broken English similar to what Russians learning English would speak. A souvenir that can be bought form the Crazy Cap store in the Snow Kingdom are Shiverian dolls, which are based on Russian nesting dolls.


The Shiverians hold a race called the Bound Bowl Grand Prix, in which Shiverians roll and bounce their way across a racetrack. This is one of the many mini games that can be found in Super Mario Odyssey. The prize is typically a Frost-Frosted Cake baked by the Shiverian Elder, but when a Frost-Frosted Cake is unable to be presented, the prize is a Multi Moon instead.

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