Shiver Snowfield is a location in Paper Mario. It is located within the Shiver Region and the field, itself, is located east of Shiver City and west of Starborn Valley.


Shiver Snowfield is mainly a large path blanketed with snow. It is always seen snowing and the snowing becomes heavier once Mario gets closer to Starborn Valley. The main enemies on Shiver Snowfield are Gulpits and Frost Piranhas.


After leaving Shiver City, Mario and co. tread through Shiver Snowfield. Mario soon run into his old rival, Jr. Troopa, again and defeats him in a battle. Mario presses on noticing a bunch of snowmen as he passes by. As the snow becomes fierce, Mario runs into a large Monstar who attempts to scare him away. Mario doesn't back down and easily defeats the creature which is soon revealed to be Star Kids in disguise. Mario decides to head into Starborn Valley for more answers. Mario eventually has to go through Shiver Snowfield again in order to give one snowman a bucket and another a scarf which grants him access to Shiver Mountain.


  • After the battle, Jr. Troopa will be seen in a block of ice until Mario clears through the Crystal Palace first.
  • The snowmen here vaguely resemble Frostys from the Kirby games.
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