Shiftier Boo Mansion is a level of World Flower in Super Mario 3D World. It can be unlocked by completing Faster Fort Fire Bros., and its own completion unlocks Blast Block Skyway. It is the sixth level of the area, and its basis is Shifty Boo Mansion. Unlike its base counterpart, it is completely drained of colour, making things harder to see.


As the name suggests, the course is a more difficult version of World 3-3: Shifty Boo Mansion, with the colors drastically muted. The level starts in a hallway with a Big Boo chasing the player. After the hallway, there are two sets of stairs, one going downwards and one upwards. The former takes the player to a dead end with a bunch of Boos and another Big Boo; the latter takes the player to a balcony, with a few conveyor-carpets and another Big Boo. Outside, the player will find a fake Goal Pole which, if touched or approached, will spawn three Big Boos.

After entering the door at the end of the balcony, the player moves to another hallway with another Big Boo chasing them. The path goes left and contains more conveyor-carpets, with some of them going slightly upwards and downwards. Afterwards, the player can enter another balcony with more Big Boos and some Peepas. After a drop-off, the player sees another fake goal pole; yet another drop-off past that, a Warp Box can be found which takes them to the beginning of the balcony again. Unlike the original level, the correct path is hidden; the player needs to go past the first drop-off where the second fake goal pole was encountered. Going over the railing in the bottom left corner leads them to some invisible clouds and a Warp Box that takes them to a similar balcony layout, where the real Goal Pole is found at the end.

Green Stars

The Green Stars have their locations changed.

  • Green Star 1: Behind the Big Boo at the very start of the stage.
  • Green Star 2: Jump on the couch that is just past the picture frame in the first area, ride the couch up to the top to find a secret area, then cross the clouds to find the star.
  • Green Star 3: This is found at the third room's final segment, behind a Big Boo and on top of the end of a conveyor belt that leads to an Abyss.