For other uses on areas with the same name, see Sherbet Land.

Sherbet Land is the second course in the Star Cup appearing in Mario Kart 64. It comes after Wario Stadium, but before Royal Raceway.

The first part of it has ice everywhere, and makes it a slight bit harder for the player to control his/her character. To make it trickier, all throughout the whole entire course, penguins walk or slide around. If these penguins are hit, the character will slip out and will slow him/her down. A little more than half of the course is in the open and icy, while the rest of it is in a cave, being a little more snowy. The course also has water, which the player can accidentally fall into and have to be put back on the track by Lakitu.

This track reappears in Mario Kart Wii as the first course in the Banana Cup.