For other areas with the same name of Sherbet Land, see Sherbet Land.

Sherbet Land is the first course of the Star Cup in the game Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. It is the track before Mushroom City.


In this course, Shy Guys ice skate across the ice at the very beginning of the course. Right by the Shy Guys is frozen water which encloses the player into an ice block if dropped into the water. You can get the Shy Guys in the frozen water by using a Star or a Fireball. There is also an icy cave which can be gone under.

After the cave, the next part is out in the open again, with thin snow this time and thick snow around the thin snow path. If the player drives into the thick snow, it will slow the player and his/her characters down and will have to return to the thin snow path.

Right after this, the player goes into an area with ice again. This area's path is wide open. Although wide open, there are smiley-faced ice bergs sitting around. If they are touched by characters on the kart, the kart and the characters will freeze for a couple of seconds and will slow them down.

After this part, the player will drive across the starting/finish line and will go on to his next lap.


The track appears again in Mario Kart 8, with the ability to drive underwater and glide.

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