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Shelltops are a race of shell-like creatures that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They live on Pi'illo Island along with the Zeekeepers and the Brocks.


Shelltops resemble Toads except they have shells on their heads. They also vary in color.

Notable Shelltops

  • Receptionists: These Shelltops are seen in Pi'illo Castle where they give interesting information about certain places on Pi'illo Island.
  • Workers: These Shelltops are usually seen in Dozing Sands where they work for the very strict Britta. Their most defining feature is the yellow construction helmet with a headlight. Even though Britta bosses them around, the workers still show respect for her.
  • Tour Guides: These Shelltops are seen in Wakeport and Mount Pajamaja. They usually help with the tour to Mount Pajamaja but dislike it due to the dangers of the mountain.
  • Mole Hunt Host: This elderly Shelltop is a brown that hosts the Mole Hunt game.


  • The Shelltops bear similar traits to Nokis from Super Mario Sunshine as they both are small and wear shells. However, Shelltops wear shells on their heads, while Nokis wear shells on their torsos.