Shellshock is the leader of the Shellshockers, and a character in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Shellshock is a Shady Koopa who is fought in the Major League of the Glitz Pit. He has a similar personality to that of King K, and is shown to have some kind traits. Once Mario climbs to rank six in the' Glitz Pit, one of his adoring fans leaves him a cake which restores all Heart Points, Flower Points, and Star Power to the maximum. Because of Shellshock's hunger, there is no saving it for another match. If Mario does not eat the cake as soon as it is given to him, he will discover it has already been eaten by Shellshock. If Mario wisely refuses to eat the second cake given to Mario, Shellshock will eat it as well. After Mario and his partner return from their battle, they will find Shellshock lying on the floor in a semi-paralyzed state, moaning and groaning in utter anguish, due to cake poisoning.

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