Shell Shot is a move used by Parakarry in the game Paper Mario. Shell Shot can be used once Parakarry is upgraded to the Super Rank via Super Block and it costs 3 FP to use.


With Shell Shot, Parakarry climbs into his shell and can attack an enemy for high damage. The player must hold back on theN64 Stick left while the cursor moves up and down on an enemy. Once the cursor is on the enemy, the player can let go and Parakarry will attack the enemy. The player must be careful about the aiming or the Shell Shot will miss dealing no damage, waste Flower Points, and lose a turn. However, Shell Shot can extremely useful at it can strike even ceiling enemies for high damage and useful against spiked-flying enemies.


  • Air Raid, Parakarry's Ultra Rank move, is similar to Shell Shot except that it attacks all enemies on the screen rather than just one.

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