The Shell Earrings are key items that appear in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


The Shell Earrings are earrings that resemble seashells that are pink in color.


The Shell Earrings belong to the Toad Waitress that reminds her of her ex-boyfriend. During the events of Chapter 6, her Shell Earrings were stolen during Day 2 on the Excess Express. It is later revealed that Doopliss disguised as Zip Toad stole the Shell Earrings along with Toodles' Gold Ring and the Businessman's Briefcase. Doopliss planned to get rid of Mario once and for all by using the Nitro Honey Syrup. However, his plan was foiled and the Shell Earrings can later be returned to the Toad Waitress for a Star Piece as a reward.