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The Shake King is the main antagonist and final boss of Wario Land: Shake It!.


The Shake King appears to be a large pirate with a big, pointed yellow beard. His mouth has jagged edges, similar to a Bandinero. His eyes are black with orange pupils. He also had blue around hie eyes. Said eyes have dark grey, bushy eyebrows on top. On top of his head is a red helmet, somewhat resembling a viking's hat. His body is round. He wears a red, sleevless shirt with golden edges. His arms are grey, just as his face is, and have red, spiked wrist bands, resembling Dry Bowser's wrist bands. He has dark grey pants with an orange belt that has a golden belt buckle. His shoes are red elf shoes, similar to Wario and Waluigi's.


In the first phase of the fight, Wario presents the 5 Boss Emblems needed to defeat the Shake King. Shake King will then jump up from his throne and begin to attack Wario by charging into him, in which Wario will have to jump on his back to throw him off-balance, cauing the King to get his head stuck in a wall. Wario will then charge into Shake King's rear end multiple times until Shake King gets unstuck, but falls unconscious, in which then Wario will have to grab him, shake him, and finally throw him. This will not only drain Shake King's health meter a good bit, but he will also leave some coins that Wario can collect.

In the second phase, Shake King will perfom a jump high enough to break the floor and transport Wario and himself to the bottom floor. From there the Shake King can create balled up forms of enemies to roll at Wario. Shake king King can create his own earthquakes, which if Wario doesn't jump with good timing to avoid it, he will grab Wario, shake him, and throw across the room. Wario can throw the Shake King off guard if he manages to pull off his earthquake move before the Shake King does.

In phase 3, the Shake King will transport Wario to a room filled with purple clouds. From there, he will shoot laser at you, as well as cause lightening to strike and can shoot 3 electric balls to bounce around the room. Wario defeats the Shake King in the same manner as he does for the last 2 phases. When Shake King's health has dropped to 0, he explode and be defeated.


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