Settle it in Court is a basketball based duel minigame from Mario Party 8.


In this duel mini-game, both players are shooting baskets with basketballs. You have 30 seconds on the clock to make as many baskets as you can. A large horizontal meter appears on the very top of the screen with a basketball shaped cursor which tells you when to shoot the basketball. When the cursor reaches the center, you shoot the basketball and a basket can be made which results in a point. However, if the Wii Remote is triggered while the cursor is relatively away from the center, the basket cannot be made and you move on to the next one so don't worry. If a Goomba appears on the meter, then he'll make an assist for you. When time's up, the player with the most baskets is declared the winner of the mini-game.

There is also a 1-player version of the mini-game in the game's Test for the Best mode.

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