Seatoon is a character that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.


Seatoon is a dark blue Seadring, similar in color to Seadric.


Seatoon has a hyperactive personality that enjoys watching television shows, especially his favorite the "Super Seadrings." Given this, Seatoon is the youngest of the Seadrings.


Mario, Dreamy Luigi, and Prince Dreambert head for Seatoon to retrieve another Dream Egg. However, the young Seadring thinks that Mario and Dreamy Luigi are the real characters from the "Super Seadrings" and askes for them to pose first. Mario does his pose (which is the pose he does whenever he acquires an item), but Seatoon says that's Dreamy Luigi's pose. Seatoon quickly realizes they're imposters but is still happy that they were trying to cheer him up. Seatoon then gives them the Dream Egg and disappears to watch his show.


  • Seatoon's gimmick is that he thinks Mario, Luigi, and Dreambert are the Super Seadrings. The Super Seadrings are likely a refference to the Power Rangers or, since this game was made in Japan, the Super Sentai franchise.
    • Keys include him telling them to "ring it up" (like the phrase "power it up," a common phrase associated with the Power Rangers Seres and him telling them to strike thier battle poses. He also identifies there as being a Red, Green and Orange Super Seadring (since he thought the trio were them), with red and green being staples of both franchises and orange being a lesser colour. However, the best evidence of this is him telling them to transform into thier super forms, a likely refference to morphing\henshin which the two franchises popularised.