Seaside Town is a location that appears in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


Seaside Town is definitely the biggest town in this game having many buildings and shops. The mayor's house is located on the very top-left part of the screen.


After crossing through Star Hill, Mario and team arrive at Seaside Town but notice something is strange. Mario heads to the Elder's house and the Elder asks Mario to find the Star Piece in the Sea. Mario heads down there to continue his quest.

After getting the Star Piece, Mario heads back to Seaside Town but the Elder who reveals himself to be Yaridovich forces Mario to give him the Star Piece. Yaridovich attempts to escape at the Sea but Jonathan Jones stops Yaridovich in his tracks saying Mario won it from him fair and square. Mario and his team defeats Yaridovich and they free the real Elder and the citizens and head out to their next destination.