Seadric is a character that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is a male Seadring and is the oldest member of his family.


Seadric is a blue Seadring with green and yellow stripes on his body.


Being the oldest of the Seadrings, Seadric is very wise and smart as he already knows who Mario is. Seadric also seems pretty upright has he always seem to be in a good mood.


Seadric is first seen after Mario and Dreamy Luigi enter a certain room of Dreamy Driftwood Shore. Seadric already knowns Mario's name which leaves even Prince Dreambert surprised. Seadric understands the plan to hide Princess Peach from Bowser and Antasma and explains to them that they need special items called Dream Eggs to help expand the dream. Seadric says that his other siblings have the Dream Eggs but they tend to talk much .Seadric says the hiding spot will be perfect as there is no enemies around so Mario and the rest head out to get the Dream Eggs. They do so and Seadric comments that he is surprised to see enemies around. He then opens the last area of the dreams and disappears.

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