Seabury, pronounced "sea-berry", is a character that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.


Seabury is an orange Seadring that wears glasses.


Seabury is the comedian of the Seadrings and loves to tell jokes to his guests.


Mario, Dreamy Luigi, and Prince Dreambert run into Seabury in order to obtain the third and final Dream Egg. Seabury greets the group with a joke which nobody finds funny. Seabury tells more jokes but they still prove unfunny (although, Dreamy Luigi does laugh at one of them). Mario just askes Seabury for the Dream Egg, which, the comedic Seadring hands over.


  • Seabury's swirly glasses may allude to Fawful from the previous Mario & Luigi games.
  • Seabury may be a Seadring form of Professor E. Gadd as both of them love to tell jokes to their guests, and wear swirly glasses.