The Sea Slide Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. It is inhabited by Penguins.


Going After Guppy

Mario must follow Guppy and go through the 8 rings.

Faster Than a Speeding Penguin

Mario must race several Penguins. He starts last, and he needs to use a shell (red or green) then finish the race, as he gets it in the middle of it. But he has to be careful, because the speed given by the shell can disturb the player's direction and ruin his race and cause him to restart everything.

The Silver Stars of Sea Slide

Mario must collect five Silver Stars every one in a corner of the area.

Underwater Cosmic Mario Race (Cosmic Comet in Orbit)

This mission is only accessible, unless already completed, if a Cosmic Comet is in orbit.

Purple Coins by the Seaside (Purple Comet in Orbit)

This mission is a Purple Coin mission. It is only accessible, unless already completed, if a Purple Comet is in orbit.

Hurry, He's Hungry

Hurry, He's Hungry is where you must collect 50 star bits in order to go to a floor disappearing satellite with the cannon. On arriving at the planet, Mario must go all around the planet and collect every single musical note. If done correctly, the black hole will be replaced by a star. The player can also use the Bee Mushroom to help him do the level.