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The Sea Pipe Statue, also known as the Stone Blooper, is the first boss encountered as Bowser in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It is first see it in-game when Bowser heads through Plack Beach.


The Sea Pipe Statue is an alive, aqua, fawfulized, fountain, statue. It has two green pipes as arms and a Stone Blooper as its head.


As a statue, the Stone Blooper jumps in its left hand pipe, then its right handed pipe aims at Bowser. When it gets sucked by Bowser, the head of the Sea Pipe Statue only gets in and lands by its head. It even damages inside of his tummy. After getting hit by the hammer y the Bros., it hits the chest of the statue and becomes vulnerable for Bowser to attack it.


Name Location Battled by Level HP POW DEF SPEED Fire Burn? Dizzy? Stat Down? KO? XP Coins Item Drop(s)
Sea Pipe Statue Plack Beach Bowser 12 320 (480) 40 (100) 36 (54) 32 (48) Normal Immune Immune Normal Immune 120 50 Hot Drumstick(100%)

1-Up Mushroom DX (40%)

Stone Blooper Mario & Luigi 4 16 (40) 16 (24) 28 (42) 30 0 (0) None


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