Scutlet is a boss located in the Flame Pipe in Bowser's body in the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. It is a notable member of the smaller species of Scutlet. It also has grown bigger than all the other Scutlets for unknown reasons.


During gameplay, Bowser states that he cannot breathe fire early in Cavi Cape. When going to the end of Plack Beach, Mario, Luigi and Starlow go to the Flame Pipe and figure out that the Scutlet was the one responsible for plugging Bowser's flame pipe.

Then, its long tongue snatches Starlow and, in shock, Mario and Luigi were forced to battle the giant tick to regain Starlow and help Bowser regain his flame breathing powers again.


When Mario and Luigi engage battle with Scutlet, it uses its tricks including heaving Starlow at the bros. with its long tongue, sticking out its long tongue to swallow a bro and spit them back out, or use the flames to fly in midair and swoop down at the bros.

Its swallowing and its flying attack can be countered via jumping and the Starlow attack can be by hammers. In order to indicate which bro. Scutlet is to attack, with its long tongue, it uses its eyes to look at one of the bros. whom it is to stick its tongue out at and try to swallow. The other two attacks is by if it is closer to the screen, its Luigi, but if further; Mario.

Once defeated, it drops a 1-up Mushroom.


  • Despite not being able to be harmed by the flames in Bowser's flame pipe, it can be injured via Fire Mario and Luigi.
  • It, along with the undefeatable Chakron, are the only required boss that Mario and Luigi don't fight in the gauntlet.