Saucer Swarm is a Dual mini-game and a Battle mini-game that appears in the game Mario Party 8.


When the mini-game starts, a large flying saucer can be seen, dropping and releasing many smaller flying saucers from underneath. The players are dropped onto a laser blaster to shoot these flying saucers down. However, over time, the flying saucers get closer to the player as the round continues. A flying saucer getting too close to a player will electrocute them, causing them to be stunned temporarily. A golden flying saucer will sometimes spawn and the player will be rewarded with two points if hit. The player(s) with the most points before the time limit ends will win, and all the other losing players will be abducted by the flying saucers.


  • Wiimote Icon - Pivot
  • Wiimote 2 - Shoot
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