Sarasaland is a neighboring land of the Mushroom Kingdom ruled by Princess Daisy. It is made of four kingdoms: the oceanic Muda, the Easter Island-based Easton, the ancient Egyptian-styled Birabuto, and the ancient China-based Chai. It appears in Super Mario Land, and is often mentioned in Daisy's official bios in various spin-offs.


Super Mario Land

In Super Mario Land, Sarasaland had got taken over by the alien Tatanga, who captured Princess Daisy and brainwashed Sarasaland's inhabitants under the orders of Wario. Luckily, Mario arrived to conquer the invader inhabitants and rescue Princess Daisy from Tatanga's clutches.

WarioWare Gold

Sarasaland appeared in WarioWare Gold as a setting in 5-Volt's microgame called Super Mario Land.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The setting does not appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it has been mentioned on Daisy's Classic Mode route, "Sarasaland Represent!".

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