Sandoons are gastropodic monsters that can be found in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team as enemies to fight. They are named after sand dunes, though the spelling comes partially from "goon". Sandoons can be found in the Dozing Sands area, waiting for their prey to pass by them with only their eyes ticking out of the ground. If they spot someone, they will charge as fast as possible, and if they miss, they will run around wildly for a bit.


Sandoons attack either by charging through their target or attempting to swallow him from below (which can negate the Boo Biscuit). The target can avoid the former by jumping and the latter by smashing the monster's eyes with his hammer when it pops up in front of his feet. A brother struck by the second move will fall into the Sandoon's mouth as it pops up, losing all his next turns until he is freed by the brother did not get hit, although the victim will get a quick second to retaliate by jabbing the monster's insides. A Sandoon does not use this attack if another has already scored a hit with it until the latter dies, and a Bro. takes half the damage that the Sandoon whose guts he's trapped takes. When a Sandoon dies, it will spit out its victim before popping. A Sandoon is a Level 10 enemy that has 52 hit points, 50 power, 53 defense, and a speed of 32 that gives 30 experience and 12 coins upon defeat in addition to a Super Mushroom in 1 out of 25 Sandoon kills.

Two Sandoons appear as a miniboss harassing two Shelltop construction workers who proceed to teach the Bros. how to use the Mini Mario and Mole Mario techniques as a reward for defeating the Sandoons.


Dreamy Sandoon

Dreamy versions of Sandoons appear in the Dreamy version of Dozing Sands as common enemies. They are somewhat less intelligent than their normal counterparts, just wandering back and forth in the overworld occationally stretching their bodies. Striking the upper part of this variation counts as jumping on them. Their attacks are completely different, with their first one having them charge headlong and either stretch or retract their bodies as they advance, and their second one having them surround the Bros. who must block a cactus ball with a well-timed hammer strike. The Sandoon holding the cactus ball will be the one to throw it. If the Sandoons rotate, the formation will rotate accordingly, possibly changing the target. These "Dreamy Sandoons" are level 11, with 38 hit points, 41 power, 42 defense, and 30 speed, and give 5 experience upon defeat in addition to 2 coins and a 1% chance each of a Super Mushroom and a Boo Biscuit.

In Torkscrew's battle

For one of his attacks, the Torkscrew will taunt a Mario brother to follow his trail into the background, forcing that brother to contend with him and dodge his charges repeatedly. The oppose Bro. has to deal with small Sandoon variations in addition to blue Flounderflages that charge. All three can be dodged by jumping.