The Sand Spiral Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxyand the secret galaxy for the Garden Dome. It can be accessed by feeding the Hungry Luma at the top level of the Comet Observatory.


Choosing a Favorite Snack

Mario begins the level on an abandoned Airship, and then takes a Sling Star to the next planet. He can speak to various members of the Toad Brigade throughout the mission. Here, Mario can choose either the Bee Mushroom or Boo Mushroom to fly over the Quicksand, but he can also switch to Boo Mario along the way. Boos in the tunnel will chase down Boo Mario, but he will "hide" from the Magikoopa, while it will fire on him if he is in the Bee form. If Mario takes damage, is hit by a Water Shooter, or if Boo Mario flies under one of the lights, he will lose the Power-Up and can fall into the Quicksand.

At the other end of the tunnel is a moon-like planet with a large platform orbiting around it. Mario uses a Rainbow Star to run quickly across the orbiting platform, being careful not to fall. The Power Star is located on the top of the moon.


  • The first planet resembles a large barrel pouring out sand

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