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The Sales Stall is an Item Shop that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


The Sales Stall is a rather small Item Shop that can be found on the Excess Express (although it seems to function more as a gift shop). There are times where the shop is temporary closed but will reopen. The Sales Stall is most notable for selling the very rare and very useful Boo's Sheet item.


Image Item Price
Boo's Sheet Sprite - The Thousand-Year Door.png Boo's Sheet 20 coins
Maple Syrup (TTYD).PNG Maple Syrup 15 coins
Mystery.png Mystery 3 coins
Super Shroom.png Super Shroom 15 coins
TastyTonicTTYD.png Tasty Tonic 3 coins
Thunder Rage.png Thunder Rage 15 coins