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The Saffron Special Galactic Meal meal is enormous, as the name implies, and is extremely filling. Only few people are able to finish this meal.

Carson tells the player in one of his stories that Merlon once loved Saffron. Saffron tested his love by making him a Saffron Special Galactic Meal. If Merlon could finish it in one sitting, she would go out with him. If he did not finish it, he did not love her enough. Merlon had finished all but a bit of parsley when he heard an injured girl appeared. Merlon left, leaving the parsley there, never finishing it.

The Saffron Special Galactic Meal is never seen in game. The only time the player hears of it is in Carson's story. It is not known what is in the Safron Special Galactic Meal or how it is made, only that it had parsley.

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