The S.S. Chuckola is a large ship that appears in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. It is located directly east of Teehee Valley. It is where the first Beanstar piece could be found. It was also inhabited by the skeletal S.S. Chuckola Crew and the S.S. Chuckola Captain. This ship was originally used to help transport Chuckola Cola.


Mario and Luigi head into the S.S. Chuckola after seeing one of the crew members make off with the Beanstar piece. They follow the crew member and he enters a room. However, Mario and Luigi need a Membership Card first. Mario and Luigi head back up and noticed a person running out the room with lights on top of it. They enter the room to find Bink with his Barrel Game. Mario and Luigi must line up the barrels and beat the high score of 10 rows to become Bink's friend and earn the Membership Card. They do so and they head back down to the room with the crew member holding the Beanstar piece. However, he won't give it up until they help get the overweight Bloat out from the hole. Mario and Luigi head up to the top where they hammer down a dynamite into the room with Bloat is. Mario lights the dynamite using his Firebrand technique and frees Bloat from the hole. However, the blast causes a bunch of sand to flood into the S.S. Chuckola and heads out into sea. The Captain is excited until it crashes into a large rock and is now stuck at the bottom of the ocean. The Beanstar piece floats away in the water where Mario and Luigi must give chase.

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