The S.S. Caviar is a location that appears in Wario: Master of Disguise. It is the first location where Wario explores after obtaining Goodstyle and becoming the "Purple Wind."


The S.S. Caviar is mainly a large ship resembling a yacht. It also has many cat-like creatures that serve as employees which is fitting as a caviar is a seasoned roe also known as fish eggs.


Episode 1: Who Show Is This Anyway?

As an episode of The Silver Zephyr begins, Count Cannoli prepares his latest heist on the ship. Unfortunately for him, Wario soon appears and steals his magic wand, Goodstyle, from him. Wario then transform into a superhero and dubs himself "Purple Wind" before going off to plunder from the ship himself. An annoyed Cannoli vows to get back Goodstyle from Wario. After being defeated by Wario at the end of the episode, Count Cannoli offers Wario treasure in exchange for giving Goodstyle back and Wario accepts this offer.

Episode 2: The Purple Wind Stinks Up The Ship!

Wario and Count Cannoli continue deeper into the cargo bay of the S.S. Caviar after striking the deal from earlier. Cannoli informs Wario that he is after an ancient tablet known as the Wishstone that is said to grant any wish. After learning more of this, Cannoli calls off the deal and decides to take the Wishstone piece for himself resulting in another loss against Wario.

Special Episode 1

Cannoni returns to the S.S. Caviar hoping to rob more treasure from the ship. Wario soon appears hoping to plunder from the ship again as he was bored in his real life.




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