Russ T. is a character that appears in Paper Mario.


Russ T. is a blue Toad that wears glasses.


Russ T. lives in Toad Town where his house is located right near the Warp Pipe that leads to Mario and Luigi's house. Russ T. is named the smartest Toad of Toad Town and can provide any kind of useful information including on how to defeat a Firebar.

During Chapter 4, Russ T.'s dictionary gets stolen by a Shy Guy and tells Mario that he needs it back or his IQ will keep dropping. After Mario retrieves his dictionary, Russ T. will give him a Star Piece. Later, Mario can take a piece of paper to him where he will decipher it revealing an certain order.


  • Russ T.'s personality and appearance is similar to Toadbert who appears later in the Mario & Luigi series.
  • His name is a pun of the word "rusty."