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Running of the Bulb is a 4-player minigame that appears in Mario Party.


Running of the Bulb requires all four characters to work together to get a light bulb to a generator located at the end of the room. The characters are in a castle dungeon full of Boos and Thwomps. One character is carrying the light bulb while the others are fighting off the Boos, along the way, various Boos will try to steal it. A Big Boo will be chasing the characters, causing them to proceed forward to avoid elimination.

As well as Boos, there will be various Thwomps located throughout the dungeon. If a Thwomp manages to pound a character that is carrying the light bulb, the player will be squished and lose possession of the light bulb. It a Boo touches a character, they will possess the character and start to walk towards the Big Boo. The only way to save the possessed character is for another character to attack them or get squished by a Thwomp.

If a character is engulfed by Big Boo, they will be eliminated from the mini-game. If the light bulb is consumed by Big Boo, all characters will automatically lose the game.

The mini-game ends once the light bulb is placed in the generator. If the characters lose the light bulb, they will lose five coins each. However, if they get the light bulb to the generator, they will be rewarded ten coins each.


  • N64 Stick - Move
  • N64 B - Punch


  • Running of the Bulb is named after Spain's annual Running of the Bulls event.
  • Running of the Bulb is one of the two 4-player mini-games that require all the players to work together as a team. The other mini-game is Key-pa-Way.
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